One surprising theme is how intent Microsoft is on getting its desktop OS work in concert with non-Microsoft devices like iPhones and Androids, but a visual design refresh also looms large.

Fluent Design System

This interface refresh not only adds a bit of transparency to windows, but also refreshes lighting, depth, motion, materials, scale, and typography. The point is not just to pretty up the interface, but to help you use your computer more effectively.


This feature will present on-screen cards showing recent and past activity, and, like several new features in Fall Creators, will work across your devices. Any Android or iOS device can include apps that talk to the Microsoft Graph, which then informs your PC about an activity to which you may want to return.

Cloud-Powered Clipboard

Similar to Timeline, the new Clipboard lets you work among Windows and non-Windows devices. For example, the SwiftKey and Word Flow keyboards are Microsoft Graph-aware, so if you’re entering text on your PC, you can simply paste it inside wherever you’re typing on the phone. Office apps, too, will get a smarter Clipboard panel that can even show previously copied images.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

The name says it all. But note that this is also cross-platform and makes use of Cortana. For example, if you were working on a Word document on your iPhone or Android device or browsing a site, Cortana can pop up a notification asking if you want to continue on your PC—and vice versa. The feature also works with apps and websites. Microsoft even added a top-level icon in the Settings app to help you get this mobile integration working.

My People

This one was first announced for the original Creators Update that launched last summer, but didn’t make it into the final version. It will finally make its debut in the Fall Creators Update, letting you pin icons for your favorite contacts for easy sharing and communicating via multiple channels and apps.


Source: PC Mag