Google’s new Pixel-branded smartphones have proven to be a bit too popular. Already, Google stated that pre-order demands had exceeded the company’s expectations, and now they’re trying to make up for shipping delays by offering affected customers $50 Play Store credits as an apology.

In emails being sent to those whose phones won’t arrive by the promised ship date, Google says it will send out the Play Store credit shortly after the customer’s package is delivered.

Pixel customers have reported receiving these emails on social sites like Reddit and Google+ in recent days.

The emails don’t say how long the orders are being delayed, only that “it’s going to take a little longer for you to receive your package than we expected.” One customer on Reddit said their expected late October delivery date has now been rescheduled for December, however.

Google’s emails also says that the order has shipped, and “it’s on its way.” The credits, naturally, are meant to head off any consumer backlash about the matter by placating customers with free money they can spend on apps, games, music, movies, TV shows and books.

Meanwhile, several variations of the Pixel devices are already sold out on the Google store. The Pixel (5″ display) in 32 GB is out of stock, and can only be ordered in silver (as choosing black or blue will put you on a waitlist instead). The 128 GB model doesn’t offer blue either for the time being.

Both the 32 GB and 128 GB models of the Pixel XL (5.5″ display) are also listed as out of stock, along with all the colors. The one exception is the blue 128 GB Pixel XL, which is not even listed as out of stock like the rest, but actually reads “unavailable.”

It’s not surprising that the Pixel phones are selling well, if that’s contributed to the delays.

 Below, is the full email being sent to customers (via Google+).
The company also confirmed it sent out this email to customers last Thursday, October 27,offering them $50 in Google Play credit “for the inconvenience caused in the delay in shipment.”
Those affected orders were shipped last week so customers should expect their orders to arrive this week if they haven’t received their Pixel already, Google said. The company declined to say how many customers received the credits.
Source : TechCrunch