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Google researcher Ivan Fratric has released details of a bug in Microsoft's browsing programs that would allow attackers to build websites that make the browsers spontaneously crash and even take control of your browser in some cases.
WhatsApp is now ready to drop the beta lable and release two-step verification to its 1.2 Billion users on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
Over the past couple of years, Twitter has offered developers many services to help them build, test, deploy and maintain their apps as part of its modular Fabric platform. Now, the company is selling it off to Google. The move is likely an attempt on Twitter’s part to slim down in troubling times. The good thing is that none of Fabric’s useful services – including Crashlytics for reporting crashes, Digits for user authentication, Answers app analytics and Nuance for speech recognition – are going away, as Google will continue to offer them to developers as they are. The people behind Fabric will join Google’s Developer Products Group and work alongside the Firebase team. During this transition, Digits will continue to be maintained by Twitter. With that, Twitter is losing most of the ties it had with the developer community at large, and losing the advantage it once had over Facebook... Read More
Wouldn’t you prefer a life of productivity rather than a life of piles of tasks with little accomplishment? Of course! When you carefully set your goals and keep them in front of your eyes, you can work smarter instead of longer. You will know that a life worth living comes from a life of balance.
Mark Zuckerberg has posted a new video of his homemade Jarvis AI assistant in action. Facebook CEO detailed his progress with this project in a longer text post on Monday, but Tuesday’s video gives a better idea of how it actually works for Zuckerberg and his family.
We all understand the importance of respect but what can we do if we don't get it? How can we encourage others to give the respect we show them and deserve to receive back?
There are five habits that will reduce your stress outstandingly, increase your brain’s gray matter, tap into your subconscious mind for problem-solving and reveal amazing potential.
PewDiePie is one of the most recognizable YouTubers. The 27-year old Gothenburg native is an international celebrity and a self-made millionaire, and it’s all thanks to his videos, where he yelps, shouts, howls, and makes the occasional dirty joke.
The truth is; Human beings are naturally negative. When you’re driving down the freeway and there’s a wreck, people will sit in a long line complaining about the people up ahead who are rubbernecking to get a look. But when those complainers get up there, they’re the ones doing the rubbernecking. This is why when you turn on the TV, you see that negative news is what people want to watch.
New data from PayPal further confirms mobile’s contribution to e-commerce retailers’ bottom lines over Thanksgiving and Black Friday. According to data from its network, mobile devices accounted for a third of all total payment volume on both of these highest shopping days this year – figures that back up earlier reports that mobile accounted for roughly a 3rd of online spending on Black Friday.