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One surprising theme is how intent Microsoft is on getting its desktop OS work in concert with non-Microsoft devices like iPhones and Androids, but a visual design refresh also looms large.

A few of Instagram users have found they’re no longer able to temporarily disable their accounts – a feature, similar to the one Facebook has, that allows you to take a break from the social network for a period of time, but stops short of a full account deletion. The bug has been spotted in the wild since at least February, and is the subject of a number of complaints across social media.

Taking yet another cue from the Snapchat playbook, Instagram now offers geostickers in its ephemeral Stories feature. It’s currently only live in two cities (Jakarta and New York City) and offers visual accessories that represent your present location, down to the neighborhood.

The stickers will also act as a location tag, so viewers can tap on them to be taken to location page for more photos in that area. Instagram says this is just an early version, so a wider rollout to other cities will likely come soon. Personally, I’m still waiting on that MSQRD integration. Come on, Instagram. We all know it’s inevitable.

The update is available today on both iOS and... Read More

Google researcher Ivan Fratric has released details of a bug in Microsoft's browsing programs that would allow attackers to build websites that make the browsers spontaneously crash and take control of your browser in certain cases.
WhatsApp is now ready to drop the beta tag and release two-step verification to its 1.2 Billion users on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
Over the past couple of years, Twitter has offered developers many services to help them build, test, deploy and maintain their apps as part of its modular Fabric platform. Now, the company is selling it off to Google. The move is likely an attempt on Twitter’s part to slim down in troubling times. The good thing is that none of Fabric’s useful services – including Crashlytics for reporting crashes, Digits for user authentication, Answers app analytics and Nuance for speech recognition – are going away, as Google will continue to offer them to developers as they are. The people behind Fabric will join Google’s Developer Products Group and work alongside the Firebase team. During the transition, Digits will continue to be maintained by Twitter. With that, Twitter is losing most of the ties it had with the developer community at large, and losing the advantage it once had over Facebook after... Read More
Wouldn’t you prefer a life of productivity rather than a life of endless tasks with little accomplishment? Of course! When you carefully set your goals and keep them at the forefront of your mind, you can work smarter instead of longer. You will know that a life worth living comes from a life of balance.
Mark Zuckerberg has posted a new video of his homemade Jarvis AI assistant in action. Facebook CEO detailed his progress with this project in a longer text post on Monday, but Tuesday’s video gives a better idea of how it actually works for Zuckerberg, his wife Priscilla Chan and their child, Max.
We all understand the importance of respect – But what can we do if we don't get it? How can we encourage others to gives the respect we show them and deserve to have back?